About us

ShopBALIs – beach lifestyle brand as a way to bring ART style to beach clothes. Hand painted clothes made with love.

For the love of nature, all clothes made from natural fabric – Cotton, Bamboo, Organic Cotton.


In the process of creating a picture, we represent a person that he loves, what he does, what his style, image. For example, a motorcycle means purposefulness, a lion means greatness, etc. The meaning is put into each drawing, because hand made always carries energy.

The drawings carry the energy of the flow of ideas, the image of creativity. Handwork and creativity is unusual to wear and it changes the attitude to clothes. We believe that decorating ourselves and bringing beauty into the world gives joy and positive to everyone. 

What we wear on our body should be created closer to nature. Drawings are made in beautiful places near the ocean, as the ocean transmits the energy of freedom and beauty.

 Every day new ideas are created for designs on clothes, and there can be only one T-shirt in the whole world.